The reduction of the medium exhaust resistance makes the exhaust more smooth


This kind of valve mechanism, due to its simple structure, easy manufacture and low cost, can meet the requirements of ordinary gasoline engines for the valve mechanism, so it has been widely used in the past 100 years.

However, in recent years, with the application of electronic control, gasoline injection and turbocharging technology to automobile engines, it is obvious that the two-valve mechanism is no longer sufficient to ensure that the engine has good air exchange quality to give full play to the power and economy of the engine. The potential, then, the multi-valve engine was born and developed under this background.

The so-called multi-valve engine refers to an engine with more than two valves on each cylinder. The current multi-valve mechanism includes three-valve, four-valve and five-valve. Among them, four-valve, that is, two intake valves and two exhaust valves* are common because the multi-valve mechanism can improve the engine’s air exchange quality. It has a higher output power and better fuel economy, so since it first appeared in Japan. It has received extensive attention from the automobile industry around the world. In addition, the exhaust is clear, and the recent multi-valve mechanism has such a good effect. This is because the increase in the number of valves makes the passage area of ​​intake and exhaust important. .

Therefore, the application of multi-valve mechanism is currently limited to medium and high-end car engines. This is the direction of the development of the automotive industry. It can be transmitted to the precise location where the vehicle is located. Therefore, the global positioning system can be regarded as the key to vehicle information communication. Perform triangulation calculations on signals received from one or more satellites to determine the precise location of the vehicle.

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