The situation for China’s sensor industry.

China's sensor industry is at a critical stage of developing from traditional to new sensors, which embodies the general trend of new sensors to miniaturization, multi-functionalization, digitization, intelligence, systemization and networking. Sensor technology has gone through many years of development, and the development of its technology can be roughly divided into three generations:The first generation is a structural sensor, which uses structural parameter changes to sense and transform signals.The second generation is a solid-state sensor developed in the 1970s. This sensor is composed of solid components such as semiconductors, dielectrics, and magnetic materials, and is made using certain characteristics of materials. For example, the thermoelectric effect, Hall effect, and photosensitive effect are used to make thermocouple sensors, Hall sensors, and photosensitive sensors, respectively.The third-generation sensor is an intelligent sensor that has just been developed in the future. It is a product of the combination of microcomputer technology and detection technology, so that the sensor has a certain degree of artificial intelligence.
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