The test of piston ring castings improved the technology

In order to ensure that the overall flow channel shape of the fluid is similar, we made a plexiglass model with a ratio of 1:1. As for the surface state of the channel, it has an obvious effect on the flow state and velocity distribution of the nearby fluid, but has almost no effect on the flow state and velocity distribution of the fluid far away from a certain distance. Although the plexiglass model and the actual sand have different resistance along the way, for a gating system with a short flow and a complex shape, the local resistance is the main resistance, and the resistance along the way is negligible.

The experimental device is mainly composed of two parts: (1) Water circulation system The entire water circulation system has two water tanks, one on the support as a water supply tank, and the other under the test bench as a water storage tank. After the experiment started, the motor was started to lift the water in the water storage tank to the water supply tank. When the water level exceeds the height of the siphon, open the water supply control valve, and the experiment can be started.

(2) Experiment table The experiment table is mainly used to put the model, so that the filling is stable and easy to control. It mainly includes a drain pan and a box body. Before simulating pouring, the experimental device should be leveled, and the sealing condition of each part should be checked. The experiment can only be carried out after various conditions meet the requirements.

Conclusion (1) In some cases, hydraulic simulation is a better method to verify the gating system, and it is convenient to observe the pouring process. (2) Hydraulic simulation should ensure similar conditions. (3) The piston ring castings produced by the factory were verified through hydraulic simulation experiments, and the local dimensions were modified, and the performance in all aspects would be better.

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