thin wall Food container mould

 Sino Holding group have a branch of Pastic-pm Co.,Ltd which is specialized in offering package solution, for example food container mould, cap mould, PET perform mould, bottle blowing mould etc.

For the thin wall container mould, we have made the thickness thin to 0.45~0.60mm,the cavities from 1 cavities,2cavities,4 cavities , up to 6 cavities.

Every cavity design as independent, easy for later change the damage part after a long time production.

Every injection gate design as inserts, as all know when long time production the gate would be bigger, will cause some problem, also easy for get the new replacement.

Food container is a high speed injection product, it required high hardness steel, we suggest stainless S136 as cavities/core steel, tempered could reach HRC 55.

We supply turnkey solution of food container production line,we are also injection molding machine manufacturer, provide  Dakumar machinery has a specific series high speed injection molding machine for thin wall container production.

If you have any enquiry related to this,pls kindly contact with us.

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