Thinwall container airtight

Thinwall container airtight means thinwall container with suitable stacking space.Thinwall container moulds China is a thinwall container mould maker,we are a professional thinwall container manufacturer,we have rich experience in thinwall container mould making and thinwall container inspection.There is a inspection standard for the thinwall container airtight,similar for other thinwall products,such as thinwall cups. 


Thinwall container airtight is to show the container stacking after molding,the inspection standard is when we put a thinwall container on the table,we drop another thinwall container(vertical with the previous container),if the container fall down slowly and stack wall,we will say it is with good design and could save the space.If the thinwall container fall down quickly or could not fall down,there will be have stacking problem.

Thinwall container moulds is with high technology requirement,not only for its better steel material requirement,but also for thinwall container mould tooling.If the thinwall container mould structure is good,and we use precision milling machines,we could test the thinwall container mould successfully in one time.Or it is not easy to improve the thinwall container moulds if it have big problems at the beginning.

Thinwall container airtight is a point to check the thinwall container design and quality.Thinwall container mould China could supply you very good thinwall container moulds.Thanks.

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