Transparent container mould supply

At present,Sino Mould have one series new transparent container mould in storage,all the moulds with whole set,include container,lid and handle.We could offer you all the moulds within a short time,such as transparent container moulds,4L square bucket moulds,fruit crate moulds,round bucket mould and so on.Welcome your enquiry.

For the transparent container moulds,the out surface you could see in the picture,with container,lid and handle.All the three moulds we have ready new moulds in our workshop.We also have DKM380 injection molding machine which is suitable for these moulds.We could supply you the injection machine with additional machines for this molding line.

The transparent container moulds and lid moulds are injection with hot runner system,with 718H steel material made in China.All the mould we designed with optimized cooling system and automatic running.If you are interested in the container moulds,please feel free to contact me,I could send you with more detail information.

SinoPM is specialized for one stop service for the injection molding industry,we could help to setup your new factory,make arrangement for the workshop,assembling the machines and training staffs.Thanks.

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