Ultra-micro power connection system offers design flexibility

Samtec mPower Ultra Micro Power Connection System, available now from Mouser, offers micro 2mm-pitch 18A power blade interconnects intended for power only or staging a combination power and signal/ground solution. This micro, high-power solution gives design flexibility for power-only or power/signal applications. Due to the wide assortment of stack heights, it can easily be attached to new or current architectures together with one of its high-speed connector systems for a unique two-piece power and signal/ground solution.

The system is a Severe Environment Test (SET) qualified product. SET is the company’s initiative to test products exceeding typical industry standards and specifications. These products undergo extra testing to assure they are more than ideal for rugged/harsh environments, including automotive, industrial, defence, space, and other extreme applications.

The system offers a 2mm pitch, with a choice of two to ten positions. It provides 5mm to 16mm, 18mm, and 20mm stack heights. Tin or 10µ” gold-plated power blades and 30µ” gold plating are available. Optional weld tabs are also offered.

Typical application areas include aerospace and defence, automotive, medical, computer and Semiconductor, datacom, and industrial.