Unable to meet demand, it is rumored that Nvidia will switch from Samsung to TSMC

Recently, the wafer foundry leader TSMC’s advanced manufacturing process is fully loaded, and it is unable to undertake other orders on a large scale, so that rival Samsung has successively won large orders from GPU chip maker NVIDIA and mobile processor leader Qualcomm. However, foreign media “Guru3D” reported that because Samsung cannot quickly and mass produce NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPUs, NVIDIA has now decided to switch to TSMC.

The report pointed out that the game graphics cards of the NVIDIA Ampere architecture are all produced by Samsung, but in the face of insufficient production capacity and short supply in the market, NVIDIA began to plan to transfer most of its business to TSMC. Previously, the media has pointed out that NVIDIA has booked a large amount of production capacity of TSMC’s 7nm process in 2021.

The news pointed out that the reason for NVIDIA’s transfer of orders, in addition to the relatively stable yield rate of TSMC’s 7-nanometer products, is another reason for the previous plan to diversify risks in response to Samsung’s 8-nanometer process yield problems. There have been rumors in the market before that in order to shorten the market share of the foundry market with TSMC, Samsung did not hesitate to grab orders at a lower price than TSMC. In addition, after TSMC in the second half of 2020, the advanced process has already been fully loaded, and it is unable to provide capacity for increased orders, so many customers transfer orders to Samsung.

The report further stated that although it is still uncertain when TSMC will start producing chip production orders transferred from NVIDIA in 2021, and which products will use TSMC’s process.


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