Universal Instruments Fuzion placement machine helps Chiron to expand the Eastern European market

The EMS company has partnered with Universal Instruments to introduce a high-speed production line to its Polish plant.

In order to consolidate its strength in the Eastern European market, the leading EMS company in Northern Europe, Chiron Electronic Manufacturing, decided to build a modern factory with an area of ​​8,000 square meters and advanced equipment in Poland last year. Immediately after the completion of this year, two Universal Instruments production lines will be installed, initially to share the rising business of the Lithuanian factory.

Headquartered in Chillon, Norway, it has offices in Sweden, Lithuania, Germany, the United States and Ningbo, China. The company has high-tech in the field of technology and industry, especially focusing on the manufacture of complex electronic products, and its services cover the entire product supply chain, from product development and design, production cost control and product industrialization, to product after-sales service/repair, and product upgrades And so on are all ready.

Chiron’s production base in Poland has been put into production, in order to meet the requirements of any electronic production, a high-speed production line consisting of four Fuzion placement machines has been installed, including two Fuzion4-120? placement machines with speeds up to 140,000 cph; one a Fuzion2-60™ that can place components up to 30mm² at high speed; and a multifunctional FuzionXC2-37™, a model with 272 8mm feeder stations that can assemble multiple products in the same setup , and supports any type of feeder, and can handle component sizes ranging from 01005 to 150 square millimeters and 25 mm high.

The other production line is mainly general-purpose, consisting of a high-yield Fuzion4-120 and a multi-functional FuzionXC2-37, which can handle new product introduction, complex component placement and high-volume production. Production of new products introduced into the production line.

Chiron’s Lithuania factory has already used Universal Instruments equipment, Daumantas Barcas, production manager of Chiron, said: “Over the years, the company has used more than 30 Universal Instruments equipment in total, and the performance is very satisfactory. Therefore, Fuzion’s placement machine It is logical to become the main force of the Polish production base. Among the Universal instruments and equipment purchased by the company, some of them are more than 25 years old, but they still maintain good performance and become the best guarantee of product quality.”

Marek Browalski, Executive Director of Chiron Poland Plant, said: “When purchasing assembly equipment, high output is an important consideration, and the Fuzion production line can undoubtedly meet the requirements. At the same time, we also pursue high efficiency and yield. equipment, I believe that the Fuzion production line, like other Universal Instruments equipment, will not disappoint and will give the Polish production base a successful step forward.”

“Universal Instruments and Chiron have worked together for many years and are delighted that they are using the Fuzion line as the backbone of their new facility,” said Brad Bennett, Vice President, Customer Services, Universal Instruments. “We are convinced that these two production lines can help them meet any production challenges, and can seamlessly integrate the placement machine into the production environment of the factory through the IQ360? intelligent factory software system we provide.”

To learn more about how Universal Instruments solutions address electronics production challenges, call 0755-2685-9108 or 021-6495-2100, or visit www.uic.com for more information.

Fuzion production line at Chiron Poland plant

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