Use and maintenance of airbags


Many car companies now pay attention to the addition of airbags when manufacturing new cars. Because according to the statistics of relevant agencies, the use of airbags can increase the proportion of life-saving to 60%. Generally speaking, airbags can maintain a validity period of 8-10 years. In daily driving, only the airbag (airbag) on ​​the dashboard ) If the indicator light or fault light is not on, it proves that the airbag is in normal working condition. Nevertheless, we should pay attention to the following points in our daily life and maintenance:

First of all, no matter when we should not knock or hit the part of the airbag. Even more should not use water to directly flush the airbag position, because the damp airbag cannot protect your life at critical moments.

Secondly, in terms of sitting posture, the driver should not lean forward when driving. It should be close to the seat and the back seat should be adjusted to control the car comfortably, so that there will be enough space for the airbag to fully play its protective role in the event of an accident.

In addition, never let children sit in the front row or place a child seat in this position, unless the airbag in this position can be manually closed, otherwise the airbag will cause great harm to the child when it detonates.

*Later, I want to remind everyone that when the seat belt is not worn, the airbag not only cannot protect the occupants, but also has serious lethality to the occupants. The explosive power of the airbag is amazing and it is enough for driving. The person was hit hard.

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