Wanye Enterprise won the “2020 China New Economy Listed Company with the Most Investment Value” award

On December 15th, the 2020 Investment Summit sponsored by the Financial Association under the guidance of Shanghai Paper Group officially opened in Shanghai. With the theme of “Foresight · Boundless”, this summit aims to promote the healthy development of China’s capital market, lay out the investment market in 2021, and help enterprises move forward steadily on the road of high-quality development. At the 2020 China New Economy Most Investment Value Listed Company Award Ceremony and Dinner that night, Wanye Enterprise won the “2020 China New Economy Most Investment Value Listed Company” award from the Financial Association.

The selection of “2020 China’s New Economy Most Investment Value List” invited nearly 100 investment institutions, analysts, etc. as professional reviewers to accurately measure from multiple dimensions such as innovation, foresight, growth, difference, team, and realization. After a fair review , data investigation, to create an objective and authoritative comprehensive list, which aims to commend companies that have performed well in the capital market in the past year, enhance their corporate image and attention in the capital market, and provide investors with a great reference. Value investment direction. Wanye Enterprise won the “2020 Most Valuable Listed Company in China’s New Economy” award by the Financial Association this time, which reflects the recognition of Wanye Enterprise’s sustainable profitability and its own growth from all walks of life, as well as the company’s future growth potential. highly recognition.

Wanye Enterprise won the 2020 China New Economy Listed Company with the Most Investment Value

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The global capital market is full of uncertainties due to the impact of the epidemic, and the complex and ever-changing international situation has added more variables, bringing both opportunities and challenges into it. In the midst of great changes, only investors with foresight can remain calm in the ups and downs of the tide. In the “New Economy Summit Forum” established at the summit, Ms. Zhou Weifang, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Board of Directors of Wanye Enterprises, was invited to participate, together with top domestic economists, public and private funds, senior executives of securities companies, and senior executives of listed companies. The circle leaders jointly decode the opportunities and challenges of “new infrastructure”, and jointly discuss new growth points in the new economic environment.

Wanye Enterprise is a high-tech listed company with emerging industry genes. Since the acquisition of ion implanter supplier – Shanghai Keystone semiconductor Co., Ltd. in 2018, it has been committed to comprehensive transformation into a leading domestic integrated circuit equipment manufacturing enterprise. In recent years, Wanye has seized market opportunities, focused on the R&D, production and sales of internationally leading high-end ion implanters, and firmly transformed into integrated circuit equipment. Since this year, the ion implanter developed by Keystone has opened up market space in the integrated circuit industry. In December, the company’s Keystone integrated circuit ion implanter ushered in a major breakthrough in orders from commercial customers and multiple models. It is understood that the ion implanter is one of the key links to solve the bottleneck of domestic chip equipment. There are high competition barriers in this industry and a high degree of technology concentration. With the commercial promotion of several types of integrated circuit ion implanter equipment independently developed by Keystone, the company’s investment value and potential are further highlighted, and the business potential is expected to be further released. On the other hand, following the “R&D and Verification of Integrated Circuit Equipment RF Power System R&D and Verification” project of Keystone, a subsidiary of Wanye Enterprise, was selected into Shanghai’s 2020 “Science and Technology Innovation Action Plan”, Keystone participated in the “High Efficiency Homogeneous Junction N-type Single Unit”. The “Key Technology Research and Production Line Demonstration” project for the industrialization of crystalline silicon bifacial solar cells has also successfully passed the mid-term inspection of the National Key R&D Program.

In 2020, the company will continue to increase investment in research and development, and rely on industrial funds to fully deploy the field of integrated circuit equipment materials, accelerate the process of industrial integration, and steadily promote the company’s progress in the field of integrated circuit equipment materials. In the future, Wanye Enterprise will seize the development opportunities of my country’s integrated circuit industry, extend the layout of the high-end integrated circuit equipment industry chain, further deepen the company’s strategic transformation, and build the company into a high-tech listed company with certain competitiveness and influence at home and abroad. Further enhance the company’s recognition and popularity in the capital market.

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