What are the general principles of Non-standard parts with CNC machining ?

The general rules of non-standard parts processing and cutting process arrangement are: the previous work must be prepared for the later work, the foundation and the service should be prepared.
The specific working principles of non-standard parts processing can be divided into four aspects: 
The main surfaces of parts are generally surfaces with high machining accuracy or surface quality requirements. Their processing quality has a great impact on the quality of the entire part. 
There are often many processes, so the main surface processing should be arranged first, and then other surface processing should be appropriately arranged and interspersed with them. 
Usually, the assembly base surface and working surface are regarded as the main surface. Light holes, screw holes, etc. are considered as secondary speed surfaces. 
These four aspects are to make arrangements for the processing of non-standard parts. The processing order of non-standard parts must be determined, and the order must be completed. Generally, the main part is done first, then the second part is done, and the benchmark is set. The benchmark must be determined first.
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