What are the shockproof measures for the punch

What are the anti-vibration measures of the punch

The punch will produce a certain amount of vibration during the high-speed stamping process. If the vibration is too severe, it will not only affect the performance and service life of the equipment, but also threaten the safety of the operator. In order to ensure safe operation, we are using this equipment A series of anti-seismic measures need to be taken before. Our commonly used anti-seismic measures mainly include the following points. Let’s take a look!

  • 1. Make the foundation according to the requirements of the installation manual, and fully tighten the anchor screws of the equipment to ensure the stability of the punch and effectively reduce the vibration.
  • 2. The use of shockproof foot pads can reduce the vibration of the equipment itself, and also reduce the impact on the surrounding equipment.
  • 3. Digging an anti-vibration trench can minimize its impact on surrounding equipment. The depth of the anti-vibration ditch needs to be such that the equipment foundation is completely separated from the rigid ground.
  • 4. A separate cement base needs to be built, which must be disconnected from the cement floor of the factory building. In addition, it should not punch too large and thick parts, so the vibration can be reduced a lot.

The above methods can all have a good anti-vibration effect. At present, major companies also use the above methods to reduce vibration. If you are also suffering from similar problems, don’t hesitate anymore, in order to reduce the maintenance of the punch Times, in order to provide a safer working environment for employees, and to improve the quality of products, quickly refer to the above methods to solve the problem.

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