What conditions can affect the quality of silicone products?


silicone rubber products are widely used around the world as an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and harmless product. Quality is the life of the factory, so how to control the quality of silicone products?


In these beautiful times, the silicone factory is the same, the environment of the workshop is the appearance, clean, and dust-free workshop is to ensure quality! The basic guarantee is that because silicone is very absorbent, little attention is paid to the dust on the product and it becomes defective. Secondly, the production staff should also change their dust-proof clothing.


In the production process of quality inspection, the quality inspection personnel should undergo strict training before taking up the job, and only after passing the examination they can complete the task independently Inspection. The quality manager should give the quality control staff a clear quality standard and a written record of what to do after an adverse occurrence Adverse phenomena and propose solutions.


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First of all, hold regular quality awareness training for employees, so that they can understand what quality is and what high quality is, and instill quality to the enterprise’s Importance, develop quality awareness. In addition to training, make appropriate rules and regulations to strengthen the supervision and management of the factory.


In fact, training alone is not enough; rules and regulations need to be made to monitor implementation. Employees should adhere to these three principles.


1. do not accept inferior silicone products: products with previously poor workmanship should be rejected (to establish the concept of workmanship between customers) – mutual Inspection.


2. do not manufacture silicon jacket defective products: in every manufacturing process, products must be manufactured to specifications/requirements as required – Self-testing.


3. No outflow of defective silicon jacket products: refers to self-inspection and mutual inspection during the manufacturing process to prevent the outflow of defective products. -Special inspection


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