What is Copper Foil Tape?

What is Copper Foil Tape?

Copper foil tape is a kind of metal tape, mainly used for electromagnetic shielding, which is divided into electric signal shielding and magnetic signal shielding. The electrical signal shielding mainly relies on the excellent electrical conductivity of copper itself, while the magnetic shielding requires the “nickel” of the rubber surface of the copper foil tape to achieve magnetic shielding, so it is widely used in mobile phones, notebook computers and other digital products.

Foil tape is divided into single-sided and double-sided adhesive. Single-sided rubberized copper foil tape is divided into single-lead copper foil tape and double-lead copper foil tape. Single-lead copper foil tape means that the rubberized surface is not conductive, and only one side of copper is conductive, so single-lead or single-sided conductive . Double-lead copper foil tape means that the rubberized surface is conductive, and the other side of the copper itself is also conductive, so it is called double-conductor or double-sided conductive. There is also a double-sided rubberized copper foil tape for processing with other materials into a relatively expensive composite material, and the double-sided rubberized copper foil is also electrically conductive and non-conductive. Customers can choose according to their own needs for conductivity.

Copper foil has a low surface oxygen property and can be attached to a variety of different substrates, such as metals, insulating materials, etc., and has a wide temperature range. Mainly used in electromagnetic shielding and anti-static, the conductive copper foil is placed on the substrate surface, combined with the metal substrate, has excellent conductivity, and provides electromagnetic shielding effect.

Copper foil tape series classification

1.Pure copper foil has conductive and masking effect

2.Single-lead copper foil is conductive, mask (the rubber surface is not conductive), coated with acrylic glue to fix and fix

3.Double-lead copper foil is conductive, covered, coated with conductive adhesive, conductive, and fixed.

4.Copper foil Mylar: mask, insulation, two coating processes, one is to apply self-adhesive on the copper foil surface to cover the insulation of the mask, and to apply the conductive adhesive to cover the mask, Insulation, electrical conduction, the other is to apply self-adhesive on the Mylar to insulate, cover, conduct electricity

5.Adhesive copper foil: copper foil bonded Mara tape, from insulation, conductive, masking, solderable

Copper foil tape use

Suitable for digital camera, mobile phone, DVD, HVD precision electronic products, computer communication, wire, cable, high frequency transmission and isolated electromagnetic interference.

Copper foil tape features

1.Ultra-thin and soft

2.Good conductivity

3.No burrs, easy to process

4.High shielding effectiveness

5.Non-electroplating products, in line with environmental trends

Copper foil tape application

1.Surface shielding for grounding and various electronic components.

2.After die-cutting, it can be applied to parts such as laptops, LCD monitors, copiers, etc. that require electromagnetic shielding.

3.The product is mainly used to eliminate electromagnetic interference EMI, to isolate the harm of electromagnetic waves to the human body, mainly used in computer peripheral wire, computer display and transformer manufacturer.

Electronic grade copper foil (purity of more than 99.7%, thickness of 5um-105um) is one of the basic materials of the electronics industry. In recent years, the electronic information industry has developed rapidly, the use of electronic grade copper foil is increasing, and the products are widely used in industry. Use calculators, communication equipment, QA equipment, lithium-ion batteries, civil televisions, video recorders, CD broadcasters, copiers, telephones, air conditioners, automotive electronic components, game consoles, etc.

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