What is the difference between servo hydraulic machine and hydraulic oil

As the name suggests, a Hydraulic Press uses oil to generate power, and a hydraulic press can be driven by oil or water, because water is also a liquid. There is also a mixture of oil and gas called an air-hydraulic press or a gas-hydraulic press or a pressurized press. .

So what are the roles and principles among their various components? Also briefly. Working mode and development history of various parts of hydraulic press: Hydraulic transmission is a transmission mode that uses liquid pressure to transmit power and control.

The hydraulic device consists of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders (hydraulic motors and other actuators), hydraulic control valves and hydraulic auxiliary components. Hydraulic pumps: a conversion device that converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. Hydraulic cylinder (hydraulic motor and other actuators): Convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Control valve: Control the flow, direction, pressure of hydraulic oil, the working sequence of hydraulic actuators, etc. and protect the hydraulic circuit.

The popular point is to control and adjust the flow direction, pressure and flow of the hydraulic medium. So as to control the direction of movement of the actuator, the output force or torque. Movement speed. Action sequence, and limit and adjust the working pressure of the hydraulic system, prevent overload, etc. (such as check valve, reversing valve, overflow valve, pressure reducing valve, sequence valve, throttle valve, speed control valve, etc.).
Hydraulic systems transform power from one form to another. This process is accomplished by using a closed liquid as a medium. The science of transferring force or transferring motion through closed liquid treatment is called “hydraulics”. The term hydraulics is derived from the Greek word “hydros”, which means water. The science of hydraulics is a young science—only a few hundred years old.

It started with the principle of hydraulic lever transmission discovered by a man named Bryce Pascal. This principle came to be known as Pascal’s law. Although Pascal made this discovery, it was another man named Joseph Bram who used hydraulic pressure for the first time in a hydraulic press he made in 1795. The liquid used as a medium in this hydraulic press is water.

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