What is the Use of Waste Brass Tubes?

What is a waste brass tube? A waste brass tube is a circular or simple geometric tube that is extruded or drawn with a copper-zinc alloy and has a hollow cross section, and has a copper content of 61% or more and an iron content of less than 5%. Waste pipe.

The waste brass tube is a renewable resource that we can recycle and not reduce its use value because of the use. In addition, the waste brass tube has a high heat transfer coefficient and the weight of the equipment required for the unit heat transfer. Small, temperature deformation compensation is good, so it is widely used. Making full use of the waste brass tube not only reduces waste of resources, but also reduces production costs.

Where is the waste brass tube used mainly? What are its main uses?

The waste brass tube can be used as a raw material for different grades of brass tubes, brass rods, brass plates, brass foils, etc. It can be used for hot water pipes, valves, air conditioners, internal and external connecting pipes and radiators.

Seamless copper tube made of brass, with soft and wear-resistant properties. Brass seamless tubes can be used in heat exchangers and condensers, cryogenic piping, subsea transportation pipes, and also in manufacturing. Sheets, strips, bars, tubes, cast parts, etc. Brass containing 62% to 68% of copper, strong plasticity, used to manufacture pressure-resistant equipment.

Waste brass is a renewable resource, with low cost, low pollution and simple production process. It has become an important way to make up for the serious shortage of copper resources in China.

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