What kind of oil should be used for aluminum stamping?

What kind of oil is used for aluminum stamping?

Should I use fast-drying aluminum stamping oil, slow-drying special oil for aluminum stamping, or non-volatile aluminum stamping oil? This need is specific to the application scenarios and specific needs of each factory. It is precisely because the needs of customers are diversified and specific, therefore, Jiaweiao put forward the strategy of customizing the formula according to the needs of customers, which also puts forward higher and more professional requirements for the aluminum stamping oil practitioners Instead of selling only aluminum stamping oil, they need to understand some basic materials, stamping processes, and related surface treatment processes.

A large amount of heat is generated during the aluminum stamping process, and the heat can deform the workpiece, which seriously affects the accuracy of the workpiece. Therefore, Jiaweiao recommends that customers not only consider the lubrication and cooling performance when choosing aluminum stamping oil, but also consider the extreme pressure and wear resistance of the stamping oil. If the selected stamping extreme pressure and wear resistance is too low, the material may cause poor forming. Effect.

Aiming at the process of aluminum stamping and forming, Jiaweiao can customize aluminum stamping oil, which can be used in the stamping and drawing process of aluminum, aluminum alloy, aluminum plate and other aluminum materials. Surface quality, extend the life of the mold, prevent aluminum and its aluminum alloy from oxidizing, reduce waste, reduce environmental pollution, easy to clean, and improve work efficiency.

If it is a one-side flanging and bending process, Jiaweiao recommends using quick-drying aluminum stamping oil, and there is very little residual oil on the surface, which can reduce the cost of cleaning. Make the surface of the workpiece cleaner. If the product accuracy requirements are relatively high, and if the surface is a little oily, it is recommended to choose slow-drying aluminum stamping oil.

Many factories have bought so-called quick-drying aluminum stamping oil because the price is too cheap, and the effect is very bad. Because of the lack of effective additives, the aluminum stamping oil can not really play the role of aluminum stamping oil, cracking, oxidation, and increased scrap rate will occur. Your original intention was to reduce costs, but in the end, you actually paid dozens of times, hundreds of times the price. And the cost of aluminum stamping oil is just how much, you can produce a hundred thousand products, you may not be able to spend thousands of dollars in oil money, so what do you care about with such a small investment? What’s more, such a small amount of reasonable investment will eliminate a lot of unnecessary waste for you in the follow-up. It is likely to be hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands,,,, which is more important, I think you already have a bottom in your heart?

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