What Kitchen Tools Are Essential In Making Macarons?

What kitchen tools are essential in making macarons? Here will introduce 4 silicone material kitchen tools needed to make perfect macaron: heat resistant silicone mat for macaron, silicone spatula, silicone piping pot with nozzles, measure spoons and silicone tongs.Do you want to make perfect macaron? These 5 tools can help you get there.
Pastry Baking MatA pastry baking mat with round shape marks can help a baking beginner better to make evenly round small light biscuit for macaron.There are two types macaron mats: baking mat with shallow round cavities and baking mat with printed round circle marks.The former one is a all-in-silicone mat, can make 30 macarons at a time. As a mat can withstand low temperature down to -40 degree celsius and high temperature up to 230 degree celsius, this all-in-silicone macaron mat can also be put in freezer or refrigerator to make coin shape chocolate.The other mat is made of silicone and fiber glass. Inner is fiber glass and outer is food grade silicone rubber. The silicone fiberglass baking mat is with a smooth surface and, so that it also can be used to bake cakes, breads etc.Silicone SpatulaSilicone spatula is a good tool to mixand transfer ground almonds. With soft edge, silicone spatulas can do it's job well without scratch the container.Silicone Measuring SpoonMeasuring spoon set has different sizes can satisfy baker's needs of measuring ingredients. And the measure spoon set is with collasible design.Silicone Decorating Piping PotThe decorating piping pot is a good replacement of pastry bags. A piping pot is with wide mouth, so it is easy to transfer macaron batter into this piping pot. And decorating piping pot kit is with 4 pcs nozzles.Silicone TongThe tong our factory has is made of silicone and stainless. It can be used to tranfer macroon biscuits and macaron.

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