What material is made of silicone face mask filter cotton ?

What material is made of silicone face mask filter cotton ?


Most of the existing masks are disposable, so it is not environmentally friendly, but also a waste of resources, therefore, there is a mask easy to clean, convenient adjustment and easy to replace the filter, that is silicone mask. As we all know, the important problem is mask’ the filter element in the middle, and the same to silicone mask , its protection level and effect are achieved by the silicone mask filter cotton.


   Generally,silicone face mask filter cotton isdivided into several layers, If different materials,then the filtering effect will be different, but the main filter material is the acupuncture technology,  filter material is composite for the formation of silicone mask fiber.

Silicone face mask filter cotton has the advantage of filtration, cleaning, strong moisture resistance, stable quality, large dust capacity, long service life and so on. It also has the advantages of small resistance, light weight, large capacity, environmental protection (incinerable), moderate price and so on. At present, silicone masks are widely used in industry, poor air index and high incidence of infectious diseases


Silicone mask filtering cotton needling cotton is made from polyester fiber by needling process. In the general filtering environment, filtering cotton can replace non-woven cloth and glass fiber covering thick, medium and high efficiency filtering products. Filtering cotton is a new filtering material and the main development direction of filtering materials in the future.


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