What Shall Be Paid Attention on Plastic Fruit Crates?

Planning to start plastic fruit crates molding business? Check the plastic fruit crate basics here to find where you shall pay attention.


Plastic fruit crates, generally, are more expensive than carton and wooden crates, but it's still popular among market as the relatively low cost (longer life) and well fruits protection. And if you are considering in manufacturing your plastic fruit crates, make it clear by checking the following info.


1. Plastic Fruit Crate Type

Usually, there are two major types for plastic fruit crate: stacking and collapsible (foldable crate). It is the primary consideration, because the differences of space occupying affect much on transport cost when the crate is transported empty, besides, the collapsible fruit crates are more expensive than the stacking ones, which means that the customers would be different for the affordable price.


2. Plastic Fruit Crate Material

There are two kinds of material: high density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP). And both of them could improve their performance by additive: such as anti-oxidants for longer life and UV protectants for sunlight protection. And usually the plastic fruit crates are required to be food grade.


3. Plastic Fruit Crate Molding Points

It is that you must make your fruit crates meet the requirements of customers. In generally, the basic points of good plastic fruit crates are:


Smooth Inside Surface

It's the key element for loading the fruits that the crate itself would not prick fruits.

Robust and Strong Crate

It could give the excellent protection to fruits, and even for rough transportation. So your customers' fruit would not be damaged during storage or transportation.

High Load Capacity

For no damaging for fruits, suppose two same crates, your customers would prefer the one could loading more fruits.

Less Weight

When your fruit crates meet the above features, then if they are lightweight, it would decrease the cost for both you and your customers.

Ergonomic Design

Such as for the handles and rounded edges of fruit crates, it would be easy to use without harm for workers who directly use the crates.


It's just the basics for helping you learn the plastic fruit crate, and you could find more details from the set industry standard and plastic fruit crate mould manufacturer. And maybe it could also be helpful by learning Plastic Vegetable Crate Injection Molding.


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