What should be paid attention to when using silicone defoamer

silicone defoamer is a white viscous emulsion. It is more and more widely used in various fields. What should be paid attention to when using silicone defoamer?

In the actual use process, the silicone defoamer can get very good defoaming effect by adding 1 × 10 ^ – 6 to 100 × 10 ^ – 6, so the defoamer should be diluted with water or solvent (or foaming liquid) before use. Dilution is not only easy to adjust the dosage, but also can improve the dispersion effect of defoamer.

There are four ways to add defoamers

1. In advance, the method of defoamer Jia Dao foaming solution, that is, foam suppression method. It is suitable for foaming in airtight container;

2. The method of continuous dropping and adding into the foaming liquid;

3, spray blowing method, suitable for a large number of occasions to generate a large number of foam occasions.

4. The method of coating defoamer on the inner wall of foaming liquid container is suitable for the occasion where the liquid level in the container needs to be controlled.

Warm tips: when silicone oil defoamer is used in medicine and food, it should be selected in strict accordance with the requirements of Pharmacopoeia and relevant laws and regulations. Disinfection and sterilization should be carried out before use.

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