Why should commercial aerospace be paid more attention to in the 2021 meta-universe boom?

In 2021, “meta universe” has become the concept of fire. How hot is it?

On October 29, the Internet giant Facebook officially changed its name to Meta, announcing its full entry into the meta universe, pushing this round of “meta universe fever” to a peak, and the enthusiasm of enterprises, capital, and the market is high. Facebook founder Zuckerberg described an immersive Internet to the world, placing people in the virtual world of social, work, sports, learning, and games. Zuckerberg believes that Metaverse is the successor of the mobile Internet, building a metaverse network that runs between digital worlds.

One end is hot, the other end expresses calm contemplation. A few days ago, “China’s first meta-universe architect” Liu Cixin expressed a different view, believing that the meta-universe will be an involution of the entire human civilization and will eventually lead mankind to a dead end. Prior to this, in “Programs That Cannot Coexist”, Liu Cixin also proposed that the spaceship school and the meta-universe school are dualistically opposed. There are two roads in front of human beings, one is outward, leading to the stars and the sea; the other is inward, leading to virtual reality. “The first path is the “Spaceship School”, aiming to explore the vast universe, and the other is the “Metacosm School.”

Between cold and hot, as Liu Cixin’s representative of persisting in exploring interstellar civilization and dedicating to space civilization, the aerospace field has different opinions and voices.

Different from the combination of virtual world and real world that Zuckerberg’s “metauniverse” is dedicated to constructing by himself on the platform, Musk’s Starlink project hopes to rush out of the earth to a brand new planetary realm. The stock price was soaring, and Zuckerberg was deeply mocked by a tweet in a Chinese seven-step poem.

Time and Space Daoyu Chief Scientist-Wang Yang

Wang Yang, the founder, general manager and chief scientist of Zhejiang Shikong Daoyu Technology Co., Ltd., does not hold a dualistic view. In an interview a few days ago, Wang Yang said that the essence of the meta universe is a product of the human spiritual world, which is absolutely rooted in the existing social attributes of people and is dependent on the spiritual world. The value of the meta universe should not be completely denied, and this It will not affect the exploration of space by their astronauts.

Wang Yang, who is also an explorer of commercial aerospace, has a different attitude towards Metaverse from SpaceX’s Musk. Through the rapid development of China’s commercial aerospace in recent years, as well as Shikong Daoyu’s layout for the future, You can get a glimpse of it.

According to data from the China Aerospace Industry Quality Association, the market size of the commercial aerospace industry increased from 376.4 billion yuan to 1.020.2 billion yuan from 2015 to 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 22.09%. In recent years, more and more commercial forces have joined China’s aerospace industry, which undoubtedly has brought great impetus to the accelerated application and popularization of the aerospace industry.

As a model of Geely Holding Group’s investment in “new infrastructure”, the commercial aerospace business not only provides time and space infrastructure for Geely’s own world-earth integrated travel ecology, but also provides support for future travel, intelligent manufacturing, drone transportation, urban management and other fields. Open cooperation with ecological partners to build the advantages of the scientific and technological ecological chain. In the future, the world’s first low-orbit future travel constellation will be built, integrating the self-developed low-orbit satellite space-based constellation system, and its own ground-based PPP-RTK space-time information network, which will provide users with high reliability, high availability, high precision, and safety. Professional high-precision spatio-temporal information service.

Time and Space Daoyu: Aerospace Technology Leads the Intelligent World

In fact, Shikong Daoyu’s exploration of commercial aerospace can be traced back to eight years ago. In 2014, the State Council issued a policy to support the development of commercial aerospace. At that time, Wang Yang was still working at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and had participated in the development of several major national-level aerospace missions. In June 2014, Wang Yanghe’s team founded China’s first commercial aerospace company, Shanghai Ouke Micro Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd., which was evaluated by the media as a “pioneer in China’s commercial aerospace”. On November 20, 2018, the “Jiading 1” satellite was successfully launched by the Changerding carrier rocket at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. So far, the satellite has been in orbit reliably for three years. Wang Yang led the core team to lead the development of the “Jiading No. 1” satellite. This team was later the technical team of Daoyu Space-Time.

In 2018, Wang Yang and Geely jointly established Space-Time Daoyu, positioning itself as the world’s leading provider of AICT (aerospace information and communications) infrastructure and application solutions, covering the entire industry chain from aerospace segment, ground segment to application segment . As far as the company’s founding team of 18 people are concerned, 14 are engineers, covering a complete satellite project team, and it continues to attract many outstanding talents from the “National Aerospace Team”. One number can reflect the professional strength of Daoyu’s engineer team-after 2000, China’s important satellite models will not exceed 100, and Daoyu’s engineers have participated in the completion of at least 50 satellites, and each person has 5 satellites. Complete experience of more than three national key satellite models.

Up to now, Shikong Daoyu has established a business structure centered on commercial satellite manufacturing and high-precision space-time location services for the integration of space and earth, completing the strategic layout of the entire commercial aerospace industry chain. On the one hand, the core products and services developed by Shikong Daoyu cover space segment, ground segment, and application end, realize the closed loop of the entire industry chain, and provide highly competitive, safe and reliable one-stop solutions and services. On the other hand, Space-Time Daoyu has developed the entire industrial chain coverage of satellite applications and closed-loop commercial applications through satellite development, and through active exploration of innovative business models and technological innovations, it has brought disruptive changes to commercial aerospace. To this day, Space-Time Daoyu’s satellite commercialization tentacles have extended to areas such as autonomous driving, oceanography, unmanned aerial vehicles, logistics, surveying and mapping.

Is the universe and the “meta universe” necessarily a binary opposition? When asked how to define the positioning of Space-Time Daoyu in the longer-term future, Wang Yang described it as: a company that provides ubiquitous space-time location data services and connectivity services, interstellar travel and meta-universe space-time data services and connections Participant. This represents Shikong Daoyu’s judgment on the future, and it also stems from Wang Yang’s firm confidence in future development and his firm belief in continuing to explore the universe.

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