Why Your Silicone Products Smell And How To Remove Odor From Silicone

silicone products has become a more and more popular daily necessary products. We can find silicone everywhere. Some people may find that the silicone products they bought recently have a smell. They doubt that why their silicone products smell. Is it not safe and toxic? This odor will do harm to their health?Why your silicone products smell? As for this question, silicone products manufacturer try to give an answer.Actually, food grade silicone rubber has no smell. It means that the smell on silicone products is not belong to silicone itself. Generally speaking, if products was put into air, it may spend several days before odor remove from silicone. In addition, another way people generally use is to prepare some warm warter, then add dish soap and baking soda. Sink silicone products into the mix water and lastly swish it around.Actually silicone products that we Weishun Silicone Company produce is safe and non-toxic. We use 100% food grade silicone rubber so that the smell on products is not strong. Interest in us, please send us a message.You can call us  +86-769-88086932 or send an email to [email protected]Why we select food grade silicone?Just it is on the purpose of producing odorless silicone products?In industry, here are generally two different standards of raw silica gel: normal silicone and food grade silicone. Food grade silicone usually  be used to make products which may contact food and people's skin and their mouth.For example, baby supplies( like kids food plates and baby spoons) must be food grade standars.Other food grade silicone products we sell is kitchen use tools. Such as cooking utensil baking moldsfood containers

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