Wi-Fi wireless city network operation and maintenance requires professional test and analysis tools

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, network applications for the purpose of information exchange have become an important part of people’s daily lives. The promotion of 3G services and the use of Wi-Fi transmission technology have not only quickly promoted the pace of wireless city construction, but also expanded the application range of WLANs, and put forward higher requirements for the transmission capabilities of WLANs.

As a product of network development, WLAN has become one of the preferred networking methods of major enterprises and institutions due to its convenient installation, large-scale coverage, low investment consumption, high-speed transmission effect, and easy-to-expandable architecture. With the in-depth expansion of network services, WLAN is also facing many problems such as channel congestion, access point failure, network attacks, and coverage blind spots. How to ensure WLAN transmission stability and improve WLAN transmission performance has become an important issue that must be considered by network operation and maintenance personnel.

The ZI-T800WLAN test analyzer series products are a new generation of wireless LAN management optimization and diagnosis tools launched by Zhidakang in response to the needs of WLAN development. This series of products provides an all-Chinese operation interface, supports the Windows operating system, concentrates multiple functional modules in the same highly practical application, convenient and simple operation, and provides users with the possibility of easy operation and maintenance of WLAN.

The ZI-T800 WLAN test analyzer product launched by Nanjing Zhidakang supports the IEEE802.11a/b/g/n protocol and can work in 2.4G and 5.8G frequency bands. It is useful for eliminating network connectivity problems and maintaining WLAN network security. And performance has outstanding efficacy. With this series of products, users can perform global scan, frequency scan and access point scan on WLAN, quickly understand the use of the entire WLAN, strengthen the security management of WLAN, detect network threats and network failures, and ensure the normal operation of WLAN. The ZI-T800WLAN test analyzer supports active testing of WLAN, with powerful connection diagnostic test functions and data decoding and analysis functions. In the actual WLAN installation process, ZI-T800 series products can also support the direct import of floor plans, carry out comprehensive project drive tests, lock the physical location of illegal APs and problem APs, perform GPS global positioning, and finally use graphical methods Present the relevant data of the access point or frequency point, and customize the personalized test report for the user.

The advent of ZI-T800 WLAN test analyzer series products once again reflects the strength of Zhidakang in the field of WLAN research and development and system solutions. In the 2010 China Telecom Group selection test, ZI-T800 performed well. With its perfect functions and high cost performance, it was successfully entered into the 2010 China Telecom Group WLAN wireless tester collection list and was assessed as a maintenance product. Become a shining star in WLAN operation and maintenance tools.

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