World Top Auto Moulds Manufacturer Invested in Qingkou

Fuzhou Diyuan Taishanou Punch Dies Co., Ltd which is jointly invested by Ogihara of Japan and Taishanyou Group of Tailand, is one of the mould suppliers of Fujian Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd. The ground-breaking ceremony if the company will be held on 20th in Qingkou District of Minhou town.
Ogihara is world top auto moulds manufacturer, and Taishanyou is also strengthful in Asia. The joint company named Fuzhou Diyuan Taishanyou Punch Dies Co., Ltd was established on 28th, March, with fixed assets USD 18.5m and total investment USD 52.5m.
The company will put into test production by November, 2008, and real production by May, 2009. It will be the main auto moulds supplier to Benz in Fujian.

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